Get 1076 GB data, find out these fancy jio plans


BanglaHunt Desk: Since coming to the market, Geo has taken over most of the telecom industry. Geo has always been a favorite telecom service of the customers by bringing new plans. On the other hand, other telecom companies including Bharti Airtel have put Geo K in front of considerable competition. In many cases, they are already coming up with innovative features. But Geo has maintained its position by bringing in great plans one by one at a low price.

JioLink is a company's 4G modem service that enhances network coverage. This service is separate from any Wi-Fi hotspot device and provides users with more data. However, users will not receive anything other than data. Voice calling and SMS services will not be available on this plan. JioLink has several interesting plans, learn about them

টাকার The validity of the Rs 699 plan is 28 days. A total of 156GB of data will be available. Free subscriptions to Geo apps are also being offered.
The • 2,099 plan is valid for 98 days. Users can get a total of 538GB of data during validation.
By spending • 4,199, 196 day users can get a total of 1076GB of data.

The second phase of lockdown is going on in the country at the moment to prevent Corona. In this case all services are closed except as required. People are not able to recharge in many areas. This time the telecom companies came forward to put the customers in danger. They said that even if they do not recharge till May 3, the incoming facility will remain

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