Ghosts are walking down the busy road! Viral body creepy video


viral video: A video from the Philippine city of Pangasinan is going viral on Netdunia, which is already causing a lot of discussion on social media. It is impossible to explain what is seen in this video. This is CCTV footage outside the store, where strange shadows can be seen. When this shadow is crossing the road, every vehicle that walks through it does not collide with any of them.

According to a report in The Sun, ordinary people in this part of the city are scared after the video came out. The video shows this mysterious shadow walking effortlessly through a lorry, two cars and a motorcycle. Looks like no driver can see him. The person who captured the scene on CCTV described the shadow as a ghost. According to the shopkeeper, this footage is from June, when the data was deleted it suddenly came to notice.

In this video, something like a human shadow is seen crossing the road. This shade has two legs. He went very close to the delivery boy seen in the video. The delivery boy's name is Michael Forto. It is learned that he was very scared after watching this video.

Michael said I still can’t believe my eyes, I thought they only saw it on TV. According to shopkeeper Jenny Renaulto, she is also afraid to work here. He said that whenever I go here I feel like someone is looking at me.