Gift for mom with son's first pay, happy eye water mom, viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: It is said that no one else can live in this world better than the mother. Mother is mother There is nothing he can do for the good of the child. A mother can scream in front of any danger, only to protect her child. The baby's mother's pulse is torn. There is nothing more to a mother than her life, not even her own life. Mothers have repeatedly proved this.
There are many signs that a mother who raised a child to feed her child, rather than herself. Even when the child is older, the mother does not worry about her. Because the mother is like that. Speaking of which, Kusantan is never or if not Kumata. However, having such children is truly a blessing. A video has recently gone viral on social media. It turns out that the boy has brought presents for his mother with the first month's salary after getting a job. This is the first gift of his life. She brought earrings for her mother at first pay.

And after receiving it, the mother's tears are no longer closed. The mother's eyes are constantly watering with great joy. At the end, the boy rubs his mother's eyes and covers his ears. Sharing the video on Facebook, he wrote in the caption, 'I saw this first mother crying with joy. This is the first gift in my mother's life.
After getting the job, the first pay of the month is very happy to give the first few gifts to the mother. I love you very much. Believe me, I dreamed every night to see this day… you are my inspiration.

Needless to say, sharing the video on social media immediately went viral. Netizens also filled in praise and applause. Everyone wished that such a boy was at home.

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