Gilgit Balochistan's citizens are oppressing the Pakistani government, not medical treatment

BanglaHunt Desk: Pakistan is not at all worried about the Corona virus (COVID-19). On the contrary, they are using Gilgit as a virus tool on Balticistan. Gilgit with the help of the Pakistan government and their secret agency Inter State Intelligence Corona virus, is abusing Balikistan. According to Pakistan, they are quarantining the citizens of the area. But the Pakistani government is not at all worried about their treatment. In describing the health system situation, a Pakistani lawyer, Mohammad Bakhir Mehndi, brought the true nature of Pakistan to the forefront.

He told how the citizens of Pakistan are collecting money and buying ventilators. “No preventive measures are being taken in Pakistan against the Corona virus,” he said. The government is not taking any action. We are appealing to the government to take appropriate measures to prevent the virus. But the government has not done anything till now. On the contrary, they are oppressing the citizens. '

He added, 'We are raising money here and raising money and buying ventilators. Since no action is taken from the government, we are here together to provide treatment for the injured. We are doing this with about 5 people. I am grateful to those who have stood by them, thinking of ordinary people in this crisis. Our Gilgit Balikistan lawyer was taken to the Corona for questioning. But even after his report came out negative, the doctors still didn't release him. He needs to get proper treatment without just stopping him. '

Pakistan has been trying to shut its mouths without even thinking of its citizens during this crisis. But treating them does not seem necessary.

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