Gilgit-Baltistan posted a picture of California! Imran Khan is the food of laughter in the net world

BanglaHunt Desk: Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan is once again the laughing stock on social media. Imran Khan proved once again that his store of knowledge is limited. People of their own country started making fun of him on social media for his wrongdoing.

Imran Khan's post is distorted

The point is, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan posted on several social media in his country, Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan-inhabited Kashmir. Pak chief Imran Khan was in trouble when he went to share the winter beauty of his country with everyone. Imran Khan shared a picture of the beauty of winter flowers in Gilgit-Baltistan, as well as a picture of California, USA.

There was a roll of laughter on social media

As soon as this picture was posted, there was a storm of ridicule on social media. His own countrymen used to make various jokes around the Pakistani Prime Minister. Citizens continue to sneer because they don't know the place of the country properly.

Imran Khan posted a new picture after deleting it

As soon as he realized his mistake, he deleted the tweet post and re-posted the picture. But by then the screenshot of his old post had gone viral on social media. Pakistani journalist Fawad Rahman caught a mistake by posting a screenshot of the first tweet of the Pakistani Prime Minister on social media. After that, Imran Khan deleted the picture posted on social media and posted the picture again.

However, this kind of activity of Imran Khan is nothing new. He has become a laughing stock on social media due to his various mistakes in the past. This time he realized his mistake.