Girlfriend Jabrika was behind the abduction, Mehul Choksi was caught with explosives.

Banglahant Desk: Fugitive diamond trader Mehul Choksi has been abducted. Mehul Choksi claimed that he was abducted on the instructions of his girlfriend Barbara Jabrika. He even alleged that the abduction was planned by calling him by deception.

Mehul Choksi, accused in the Tk 14,000 crore PNB scam, has been making headlines for some time. His lawyer had alleged that Mehul Choksi had been abducted from the Caribbean island of Antigua on May 23 in the midst of a lawsuit against him.

It was first reported that Mehul Choksi, a fugitive diamond trader, fled Cuba after being caught by police. He was fleeing with the help of his special friend Gobin. He was arrested at the time and is currently in jail custody.
But now Mehul Choksi has told a new story. He claimed that Mehul Choksi went to his house at 5.15 pm on May 23 at the request of his girlfriend Barbara Jabrika. His girlfriend asked him to sit down because he was drunk. There, eight to 10 ‘muscular’ men jumped on him, snatched his mobile phone and Rolex watch, injuring him.

Mehul Choksi further claimed that instead of helping him in this whole incident, his girlfriend was in support of those miscreants. He said he was then taken to Dominica in two boats. There he overhears some conversations of Jabrika with three Bharatis in a boat. From what he heard, he understood that this was being done under the direction of an Indian politician.

Central Investigation Agency officials, however, dismissed Mehul Choksi’s allegations. They claim that the fugitive diamond trader is making up stories that he was caught fleeing to Dominica. Because it was initially claimed that Mehul Choksi was attacked by some Antigua police. And now he says that the miscreants attacked him at his girlfriend’s house.