Girls no longer have to wear underwear when they stop looking at their chests, explosive swastikas against trolls!


BanglaHunt Desk: Swastika Mukherjee (swastika mukherjee) has always been 'infamous' for her lip-smacking. He likes to say the clear thing in a straightforward way. Although she was criticized many times for this, the actress did not pay any attention to it. Recently, Swastika has made headlines again.

After Dil Bechara, Swastika is returning to acting with director Sudipta Roy's Taser Ghar. The poster of the photo has come out recently. And as much controversy with that poster. Swastika alias Sujata has portrayed a red sari, a blue and white printed blouse, a small tip on the forehead, ink under the eyes, and Alo Khopa as the wife of such a householder.

So far so good. But the straps of the black lingerie peeked through the gap of the swastika blouse. What else is like the careless housewife. But a section of netizens have started fighting over this issue on social media. Trolls and criticism about Swastika have started again.

But the actress is not the bride to leave. In an interview given to Anandabazar Patrika, Swastika's sarcastic reply was, “Why don't you answer me?” Why always leave? Leave it for life? What will happen? If people write bad things, let them write. But an awareness will be created. People do not know girls after underwear? If not, people will look at the streets. So is wearing. Let society not change, let people stop looking at girls' chests. Then you don't have to wear underwear anymore. ”

She added, “Girls use pads during periods, after panties. These are very normal events. Then why is it still so hidden? I'll show you underwear, don't buy black plastic with pads hidden. The government is saying to use condoms but people will buy condoms in secret. People should not practice the opposite side of it. I don't do anything by hiding, whispering. ”

By the way, the house of cards is going to be released on September 3 under the direction of Sudipta Roy. Swastika will also be seen in Arjun Dutt's Srimayi. Soham Chakraborty will be seen in the role of her husband.