Girls perform father's funeral, four girls take body to cremation ground in lockdown


BanglaHunt Desk: When the country is in a state of horror (COVID-19), on the other hand it is a rare sight. Four daughters have been taken to the crematorium by their father who died of tuberculosis. Sanjay Kumar was unable to cure himself due to the Corona crisis. Aligarh broke into tears as the scene unfolded last Saturday.

Sanjay Kumar, who was a resident of Tea-Hailing in the Numaish Maidan under the Bananadevi police station in Aligarh, was in that year. He was a tea salesman by profession. They had a family of five daughters and a husband and wife. They did not spend much time in the work because of their lack of success. About 6 months ago Sanjay found out that he was suffering from tuberculosis. And since then he used to bring drugs from the district hospital.

He could not reach anyone in extreme poverty. One of Sanjay's six daughters is married. And the rest of them stopped going to school because of their father's physical illness. But with the lockdown status quo at present, he could not buy exactly as the drugs were running out. He died due to lack of proper treatment.

Four of the deceased's sons worked for the boy without getting anyone in the lockdown situation across the country. Sanjay's dead body was taken to the cremation ground and his daughters completed his last rites. Due to the closure of Aligarh, when the incident came to light last Saturday, the cry rolled over the entire Aligarh.

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