Girls were seen going to school with their life on their hands, you will be shocked to see the video


जान हथेली पर रख स्कूल जाती दिखीं लड़कियां, वीडियो देख कांप जाएंगे

Girls were seen going to school keeping their life in hand

Viral Video: In today’s time, the world has made a lot of progress. The sky which earlier humans used to just gaze at, today humans are sitting there too. The moon whose children used to grow up listening to its songs, man has also visited that moon and now Mars planet Preparations are going on to go there too, but there are still many places in this progressive world, where there is no such thing as progress. Neither concrete houses are visible nor there is any kind of road, so that people can easily move anywhere. In many places, there are no bridges at all, in such a situation children have to risk their lives every day even to go to school. One such on social media nowadays video viral Happening.

Actually, in this video some girls are seen going to school risking their lives. In the video you can see that a school girl is standing on this side of the river and trying to cross the river. Actually, a thin rope has been tied from this side to the other side of the river and with the help of the same rope, the girl crossed the river by putting her life on her palm. It was very risky. Even a slight mistake in this could become fatal, because the flow of water in the river was very fast, which would have swept away a person in a moment. It is a matter of pride that no harm comes to the girls. By the way, his passion is worth seeing that how he has put his life in danger for the sake of education.

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Watch video:

Don’t know where this incident took place, but this video is definitely going viral on social media. It has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @cctvidiots and the caption reads, ‘In some parts of the world children risk their lives just to go to school’.

This video of just 26 seconds has been viewed more than 10 million times till now, while more than 36 thousand people have liked the video and given different reactions. Some are saying that this is a dangerous way to go to school, while some are saying that ‘living life is an adventure for these little heroes’.

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