Give the sister-in-law a wedding leave, otherwise the wife will make my condition worse! The policeman's leave application letter is viral


Bangla Hunt Desk: A holiday letter written on social media is going viral. It is learned that this application was written by a constable of Madhya Pradesh Police. He is a constable in Bhopal Traffic Police. In the letter, the constable asked for five days off for the marriage of “Schalke”. He also wrote that his wife would make his condition worse if he did not get leave. And because of this the letter went viral on social media.

According to the information received, the name of the constable who wrote the letter is Dilip Kumar Ahirbar. 2339 is his badge number. Dilip Babu wrote an application to his senior officer for the marriage of his brother-in-law. And that application form has now become a topic of practice on social media.

In the letter, Dilip Babu wrote, “It is politely submitted that I am Dilip Kumar Ahribar, Badge No. 2339, employed by the traffic police in your subordinate police station. Mr. G, my own brother-in-law's wedding is going to be on 11/12/2020, I need to go there very much. That is why I am politely requesting that I be granted five days leave.

In the letter, which went viral on social media, traffic constable Dilip Babu specifically mentioned his wife. He wrote in the letter, “My wife made it clear to me that if I did not attend her brother's wedding, the outcome would not be good.” ”

According to media reports, Constable Dilip Kumar has been suspended after the letter went viral on social media. The reason why DIG Dilip Babu has written about the suspension in this case is that he has broken the discipline, for this reason he has been suspended.