GO employees will pay salaries twice a month to prevent corona money


BanglaHunt Desk: Corona is shaking in panic right now. Italy, America France, China, the first in the world, including China, are devastated by Corona. At present, the death toll in coronas is 10 in India. The central government has decided to lockdown 21 days across India to prevent transmission.

As a result, companies have changed their management practices. Large companies are trying to minimize the inconvenience of employees and people in general. Reliance Industries is one of them and has taken different timely plans keeping in mind the benefits of its employees, the general public and the customers.
A statement was issued by Mukesh Ambani's company Geo. Where it is stated that employees who are below Tk 1.5 per month will be paid twice a month. (For those earning below ₹ 30,000 per month, salaries will be paid twice a month to protect their cashflow and mitigate any overwhelming financial burden)

Besides, the telecom company Geo has made the fancy decision to stand beside the common people in this horrific situation. Mukesh Ambani has brought a tool to Geo. By which one can easily see whether he will be tested for the virus. Geo has come up with this tool by joining hands with Mycroft. This tool can be found on the MyGio app on both Android and iOS platforms.

The tool will first learn the detailed path from you. Such as whether you have been abroad or you have a fever or other type of difficulty. After knowing all such information, you will be informed of WHO's instructions and whether you should go to the hospital for a health check up.

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