Go First flights now canceled till May 12, refund will be available soon


Go First की फ्लाइट्स अब 12 मई तक कैंसिल, जल्द मिलेगा रिफंड

All GoFirst flights will now be canceled till May 12. Image Credit source: File Photo

All flights of budget airlines GoFirst will now be canceled till May 12. After the company declared itself bankrupt, its flight service is running closed. The company had declared its bankruptcy on May 2, with which it applied for it in NCLT. However, two more bankruptcy applications have been filed against the company in NCLT.

Go First had earlier talked about canceling its flight service from 3 to 5 May, then it was extended to 9 May. Now the company has once again said to keep the flight service closed till May 12. In a letter sent to the aviation regulator DGCA, the company has already said that flight ticket bookings will be suspended till May 15.

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Refund will be issued soon

The DGCA had issued a show cause notice to the company after GoFirst suddenly stopped its flight service. At the same time, it was also asked to refund the money of the passengers. Now GoFirst says that it will issue refunds to people soon. The money will be sent to the passengers through the medium through which they have made the payment.

The company says in its statement that it is sorry for the inconvenience caused to the passengers due to flight cancellation. The company will help the passengers in every possible way.

NCLT has 2 more petitions

After hearing the petition of Go First on Thursday, the NCLT had reserved its order. While two more petitions have been filed against him in NCLT. In this, a petition has been filed by SS Associates Services Pvt Ltd to recover Rs 3 crore from GoFirst. It provides transportation service for Go First.

While the second petition has been filed by a pilot who claims that the company owes him more than one crore rupees. The NCLT will hear both the petitions on May 8. On the same day, NCLT will hear the insolvency petition against Spice Jet.

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bad engine split

Go First blamed Pratt & Whitney’s faulty engine for its bankruptcy. The company has a total of 61 aircraft in its fleet, out of which 30 aircraft are not in a condition to fly. Due to this the company is facing difficulty in doing its operation and it is not even able to meet its expenses.

Before going to NCLT, GoFirst tried several ways to save the company. The company was earlier looking for a strategic partner. But she could not succeed in this. This company of Wadia Group runs its operation since 2005.

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