Go First may or may not get lifeline, no one could save these 10 airlines


Go First को लाइफलाइन मिले न मिले, इन 10 एयरलाइंस को बचा ना सका कोई

Not one or two but no one could save these 10 airlines in the country before Go First.Image Credit source: Representative Photo

GoFirst Airlines, which provides cheap flight service, has declared itself ‘bankrupt’. The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) has also reserved its decision on this. Before Go First, Kingfisher Airlines and Jet Airways have been such names whose story of closure is in our minds. But do you know that more than 10 airlines have been closed in the country till now and some of them could run only for 1 or 2 years, let us tell you…

In the year 1981, a regional airlines started within the country. Its name was ‘Vayudoot’. It was started jointly by Air India and Indian Airlines. It mainly provided its service in the northeastern areas of the country. This company used to run its flight service for about 30 destinations, but it stopped in 1997.

These 10 airlines drowned before Go First, no one could save

Vayudoot (Photo: Wikimedia)

Jet Airways bought Air Sahara

Sahara India family started both passenger and cargo air service in 1993. In the year 2000, it was re-branded as Air Sahara. It was one of the largest airlines in the country during its time. But by 2006, many cheap air service airlines came in the country and Air Sahara started dying.

Jet Airways bought Air Sahara

Air Sahara (Photo: Wikimedia)

In the year 2007, Air Sahara was bought by Jet Airways and renamed it Jet Lite. Jet Airways also started in 1993 like Sahara Airlines. It was the only full carrier service of the private sector in the country, but in 2019 it also stopped flying.

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