Go First’s new decree, flights will not fly till May 30


Go First के CEO बोले-

According to the company’s new decision, flights will remain canceled till May 30. Image Credit source: File Photo

Budget airlines GoFirst has announced that all its flights will remain canceled till May 30. The company says that it will also issue refunds to all the passengers as soon as possible. The company has given the reason for flight cancellation as ‘operational’.

The company has shared the information about the cancellation of flights on its official Twitter account. GoFirst flights have been continuously canceled since May 3.

Travel plans getting spoiled during holidays

Summer is the school holidays, so many families plan to travel during this season. In its statement, GoFirst has mentioned that people’s travel plans have been spoiled.

GoFirst has written that we acknowledge that your travel plans have been disrupted due to the cancellation of flights. We are committed to provide you all the help you need.

Will start booking soon

The company has also informed the people that it has filed an application for immediate resolution of the company’s problems and to revive the operations. She will resume booking very soon.

Aviation sector regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Wednesday last asked GoFirst to prepare a comprehensive restructuring plan. Along with this, it has also been asked to tell that from when it will start its flights again, also give a sustainable plan for this.

trying to avoid bankruptcy

GoFirst had sought relief from the NCLT to avoid initiation of insolvency proceedings against itself. In this regard, on his petition, the NCLT gave an order on 10 May and gave relief to the company.

Due to the bad engine of Pratt & Whitney Company, GoFirst is having difficulty in running its flights service properly. Because of this, the situation of bankruptcy of the company has become. About half of the company’s 54 aircraft are not able to fly due to bad engines.

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