Goa will be the new Thailand – Ritesh Agarwal talks about innovative plans for tourism


BanglaHunt Desk: Ritesh Agarwal is one of India's youngest and most promising business tycoons. At just 21 years old, he created OYO. Which is now one of the most popular and richest platforms in India.

Ritesh, 26, said the corona virus had already caused huge damage to their business. In this situation, they are going to create a new business strategy. He said that from now on, weekend traveling will be much more popular. People will be afraid to go abroad.

As a result, tourism in the country will increase. As a result, Coorg will become Switzerland, Goa will become as popular as Thailand. He said that despite the huge losses caused by Corona, they have already started planning to capture new markets.

Numerous employees are working under him in more than 1000 hotels in 35 cities of India. Along with improving the quality of the hotel, he also arranged for proper training of the staff Through the OYO app, people can book a room, get directions to the room and match the room service. All in all, he has changed the experience of staying in a hotel at low cost.

Like all start-up companies, Ritesh's thinking started from direct life experience. He is forced to spend the night outside as he cannot enter his apartment at night. Then he saw the poor condition of the hotel he went to and realized the faults of all the hotel business. He later opened the OYO with the aim of making the hotel more comfortable.