Goats killed at night, leopards were sitting in the backyard until morning! Panic throughout the village


A leopard named Guldar has created an atmosphere of panic in the hill districts of Uttarakhand. Once confined to the forest, Guldar is now entering the village without fear. In this news of Guldar, a terrible news has come from Bageshwar.

Guldar entered the cowshed in the middle of a village and killed two goats. Not just here. Guldar was sitting in the yard till morning after the murder. When the woman of the house opened the door very early in the morning, she was terrified when she heard Guldar's roar. He immediately closed the door. The woman later shouted and informed the villagers about the incident. The villagers somehow pushed Guldar away from there.

The incident took place in Dhapti village of Dharmaghar area. Here Pushpa Devi, a goat herder, lives with her family. On Friday night, Pushpa Devi and her family were sleeping at home. Then Guldar entered the cowshed of this house and killed two goats.

As soon as the door opened on Saturday morning, Guldar was seen sitting in the yard. Frightened, Pushpa quickly closed the door. He shouted and informed the villagers about the incident. Hearing the screams, the villagers started playing canisters, fireworks were also set off, then Guldar fled from there. The villagers have been in a state of panic since the incident. According to them, Guldar will return to the village to pick up his abandoned prey.

The locals have also applied to the forest department for cage leaves in the village. It also requested compensation to the affected families. Forest officials said patrols in the area would be stepped up. He also assured all necessary assistance to the affected families.