Goat's video goes viral before Ramadan, gives strange message


Everyone is now voluntarily housebound to deal with the corona virus. Even if they want to, there is no regular festival. But time does not stop. The holy month of Ramadan has just arrived. But one of the delicious dishes of this Ramadan festival is biryani. And so that people do not go out to buy meat and do not fall prey to the disease

To make people aware, a comedian named Danish Site created a goat meme and shared it on his Insta account. He gave a deadly message in jest, he wrote “Live yourself and let others live, biryani can wait”. And this video has become popular right now.

Danish made this meme in Bangalore, the video shows the goat saying, “I know you all fall behind in my life as soon as Eid comes, because I make biryani more delicious to eat. But if you want to live now, stay at home and don't go out. The world has stopped in panic. Morning and morning are not like the night is shunsana. The road is unmanned. Today I am spending my days in fear of death.

I don't know when Karona will get free life by breaking this curse. No one thinks that one day he will have to sit at home and die lazily for fear of death like this, or no one thinks that such a beautiful world will come to an end one day. But yes, people dream of it every day. Dreaming will be all normal again, the curse of Corona will be cut off. Comedian Sayet is on social media nowadays. And this is how awareness is spreading.