Goddess Durga drinking and smoking, photographer arrested for controversial photoshoot

Pujo is actually a photoshoot in front of Goddess Durga (durga). At the moment this trend is going on all over the country. At times, this photoshoot turned out to be reprehensible. This time the photographer was arrested for doing the same photo shoot. In her photoshoot, Goddess Durga is seen smoking and drinking.

Netizens were outraged when the picture was posted on social media. The woman named John, under some pressure, finally removed the picture from social media. But by then the water had rolled far away One complaint after another was lodged against him for hurting religious sentiments. He was eventually arrested.

It is learned that the photographer dressed a model in a red sari as a goddess and took pictures while she was drinking marijuana and alcohol. After posting which, he has to stick to one question after another. Many ask where he got the information that Goddess Mahamaya consumes cannabis and alcohol.

In response to one question after another, he said that he wanted to show the goddess as an independent woman. Although that answer was not like the mean of the net crowd. He then publicly apologized for deleting the photo. But he could not avoid arrest.