Gogoanime watch anime HD & Best go go anime alternatives

In in internet world there are lots of anime streaming website, but gogoanime is one of the most famous online streaming website which is also known as gogo anime . In the world there are approx 8 million people who used to visit Gogoanime, but is it legal to use it or is it safe ? everything will be disclosed today.

What is Gogoanime?

GogoAnime is the best online streaming website for anime series. It has a huge collection of Japanese anime web series. It provides all types of anime movies and series in various languages. To make it easy for the users, all the shows are dubbed and subbed in English. The page is designed very beautifully and systematically. It is very simple and easy to use. There are many different genres of anime stuff on Gogoanime.

To make easy access, they allow you to search the show in the search engine. If you don’t find your favourite shows then you can request them to upload it. They will upload it if it is available in their stock.

Apart from anime stuff, they have Manga content available online on the internet. It is a comic book which is published in the weekly magazines. The authors of manga are known as mangakas. We hope this will provide you with enough information. The GogoAnime team is always ready to help you to the best extent.

Is GogoAnime safe or not?

GogoAnime is safe if you keep some things in your mind without any fail. While surfing on the website, do not click anywhere on any link, do not click on any advertisement. Rather than this, the website didn’t ask for any permission to download any video and this is illegal. So think before you do. The website does not spread any virus. But it is advisable to use a VPN to stay out of a risk. VPN helps to secure the network and don’t interchange the data. It transfers data through a remote network between users and private networks. In further details, we will be telling you about how to use a good VPN.

  1. Express VPN

This offers you good facilities and friendly features. It can connect 5 devices at a time, it includes mobile phones, PC, tablets, laptops and iPads. It is well designed for android and iOS. You can operate it from any device. It can cover more than 3000 servers from more than 150 locations. It would be of great choice if the servers are located in Chennai and Mumbai

If you face any problem then they provide an excellent customer service to all the users. It is not a free VPN, they charge you some amount on a monthly or annual basis. If you don’t like it then they give you a money back assurity. Their packages are a little bit expensive but the security and network connection is to a great extent. So without a second thought, get access to Express VPN and enjoy your unlimited anime shows.

  1. Tiger VPN

This VPN network is extremely easy to use. It supports five devices at a time. It can connect more than 50 locations with your network. It is the fastest growing network in India. It provides you with the best security like L2TP, P2P, OpenVPN, etc. They provide you your personal privacy. It works on your command. They are always ready to help you anytime to take you out of your problems. Their customer service is quite good and appreciable.

It is not a free network, they charge you some amount on a monthly or yearly basis. They also give you a one month free package so that you can know about their services. So, download Tiger VPN today and get early access to uninterrupted anime shows.

  1. IpVanish

It helps to keep your internet connection secure and protects your private data. It keeps us away from any hacking activities. It connects more than 75+ locations. It can connect to your PC, laptops, mobile phones and TV.

IpVanish team is 24/7 for their customers to help out with their queries through chat, e-mail or direct call.

Reason to choose Gogoanime (go go anime)

The main reason to choose Gogoanime is it’s worldwide popularity. The main reason for its popularity is the amazing content, dramatic characters and their actions. In today’s young generation, the youths are very much interested in online games, movies, series, etc. Gogoanime is the online video streaming platform where anyone can enjoy watching anime movies and series. It has more than 25,000 anime content absolutely free. Here are some more catchy features about gogoanime.

  • The page has very attractive graphics and all the arrangements are done very systematically.

  • It has so many categories of anime stuff, you can choose anyone and enjoy unlimited and free anime shows.

  • It has a large number of users from all over the world.

  • The quality of the videos are of great HD quality and sound quality is excellent.

  • It is very friendly to use and easy to find your favourite shows.

  • The GogoAnime team is very helpful if you have any query regarding the page they will help you with a quick response.

  • It is very safe, secure and legal to use. In some countries it has been banned due to some issues but using some private networks you can get access to it.

  • You can download the GogoAnime application on your mobile phone and watch it. The app is easy to use. You can add your comments on the app. You can save your favourite shows in the playlist. You can also download the shows on your device.

Top 12 Gogoanime alternatives

As I have mentioned above, in some countries GogoAnime is banned. But you don’t have to worry because there are some alternatives where you can watch anime for free on the internet.

  1. Animelab

  2. Anime planet

  3. Kissanime

  4. 9Anime

  5. Chia Anime

  6. Masterani.me

  7. AnimeHD

  8. Cartoon Crazy
  9. Anime heaven

  10. Anime Freak

  11. KIMCartoon

  12. Kiss Cartoon

Best Legal gogoanime alternatives

Using gogoanime is free but it is not a legal site as they are using illegal content. So, legally using gogoanime is not a good idea rather you can use the legal alternatives of gogoanime (Go go anime). here is the list-

Different Domain of Gogoanime

There are many similar sites to gogoanime. But Gogoanime is the best because of its worldwide use and popularity. No one can beat gogoanime. Their content is so amazing and of a unique type that anyone watching it will be impressed within a second. But as it is banned in some countries there should be some other way or another website so that the people living there should also be able to enjoy the anime shows. So, below I have mentioned some best alternatives of Gogoanime.

  1. www8.gogoanime.io

  2. ww20.gogoanime.io

  3. ww66.anime.hd

  4. www.gogoani.pro

  5. ww99.gogoanime.io

GogoAnime FAQs

  • Is gogoanime a legal website?

In some countries it has been banned so there it is not legal to use or download any content from this website.

  • Is it necessary to use VPN for GogoAnime?

VPN helps to keep you safe from being tracked when you are using any illegal site. It allows you to get access to an online video streaming platform. It keeps your information safe and private.

  • Has gogoanime shut down?

No, it is not down yet. It has many active users from many different countries.

  • Is it safe to download from GogoAnime?

Yes, it is very safe to download your favourite shows from gogoanime. But the most irritating thing is that it contains a lot of ads in between the show.


GogoAnime is the best online video streaming platform of anime where you can enjoy a lot of entertainment shows with your friends and family. They also have a collection of manga. If you are a craziest fan of anime then you must visit the site or download the app today. You can also add your reviews regarding the app in the comment section.

In some countries,the illegal actions are completely banned and if they are taken into activity, one can be put behind the bars or can be fined a huge amount. It is advisable that not to use any illegal or restricted site for your safer side. There are many alternatives to these illegal websites so make use of them rather than this. The above article was only to give you right information about the topic and to make you aware about illegal websites.

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