Going to buy condoms, not to hang out! Police were forced to release the bike rider without a prescription


Bengali Hunt Desk: Don't put the killer virus in the country. The central government has issued instructions to people across the country since March 24 against the coronavirus. The state government is also by his side in this decision.

Lockdown is going on in the state under police guard. The government has said that no one other than emergency workers should take to the streets. Or if someone leaves the house because he is going to buy medicine, then he has to show the prescription.

But during this lockdown, the police administration witnessed another incident. Recently, police arrested 1 bike rider in Purulia. When asked where the rider was going, he replied, “Drug stores.” However, the rider had a helmet, car papers and a mask. There was not just a prescription.

When the police did not get the correct answer to the question, the young man stopped the police and said, “He is going to buy condoms in the drug store.” And counter-questioned the police, ‘Did you take a prescription to buy a condom? It includes self-prescription emergency services and condom emergency services. ” The police were forced to release the young man without any prescription as soon as they realized that the boy did not say anything wrong and explained it with logic.