Going to make a video about the fire, the genitals were burnt, which went viral on social media

Viral video: The current era is the era of social media. Every day we share pictures or videos of various events happening around us on Netdunia. Many people become celebrities overnight due to viral videos. And in the race to become that celebrity, many people do strange things to sign up. However, in many cases, the big danger comes when the video goes viral. One such video has gone viral on social media.

It is said that playing with fire is never good. Accidents can happen when you use fire. But due to the viral video, this young man did not have those warnings in his head. As a result, the young man's genitals were burnt while making a video about the fire.

A young man is seen in the viral video. A young man wearing khaki pants is seen in the video. There is a combustible liquid in a glass in front of him. On which the fire was burning. The young man was first seen holding a fire and smoking a cigarette.

Then he wants to eat the liquid with that fire. But the rules are left. The liquid from the glass fell straight on his pants. Immediately the pants caught fire. Her genitals became burnt.

Posted this video from a Twitter handle called ‘100 reasons to die’. The video went viral as soon as it was posted. The video has already been viewed by more than 6,000 netizens. Check out the viral video.