Going to take the name of the party candidate, the Chief Minister said ‘Bapare Baap’ after eating bitterly, he mispronounced more than once!


Bangla Hunt Desk: State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has stepped down in the sixth phase of the election campaign. And that is why he is holding a public meeting in support of the party candidates at the Navadwip assembly constituency in Nadia district today. Apart from the party candidate, Krishnanagar Lok Sabha MP Mahua Maitra is also present at the rally. Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly slammed the BJP for highlighting external theories in the Ekushey elections. Even Amit Shah-Narendra Modi has mocked the words spoken in broken Bengali. But this time, while playing the name of the party candidate in his mother tongue Bengali, he repeatedly played bitterly. He even took the wrong name more than once.

The Chief Minister got stuck more than once while trying to pronounce the name of Pundrikaksh Saha, the Trinamool candidate of Navadwip Assembly constituency. In the end, he said, everyone knows him as Nanda Saha. And he is also called Gandhi of Navadwip. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee first addressed Pundrikaksh Saha, the Trinamool candidate of Navadwip and MLA, as ‘Pundraksh Saha’. Then he took her name again to correct his mistake. The second time he said, “Pundrakaksha.”

The second time, when he could not pronounce the name of the candidate correctly, he said at the end, ‘Bapare Baap will break his face to say such a big name. His name is Nanda, you all know him. And he is a very selfless political activist and in Navadwip he is also called Gandhiji. People love him very much. ”