Gold corridors in the country because of the coroner


BanglaHunt Desk: Gold prices have already risen on several occasions because of the coroner. A group of people have jumped in the hope of making a profit by selling gold already stored. Bracelets, necklaces and other jewelery are reported to be selling their Chinatown, Ywart, Thailand and Bangkok gold prices for a 20 percent chance of a rise. The NDA's gold price for April rose to a record high of 40,000 rupees per 10 grams on March 25 to seek gains in the international market. The sale of gold is believed to have increased so much.

According to experts, concerns over the global financial crisis and the multiple financial packages of central banks in combating coronavirus infection have increased the demand for gold internationally. As a result, there was no significant drop in prices. If the trend is maintained, the price of gold will increase. According to economists reviewed by Reuters this week, the global economy is already in recession as the effects of economic activity from the virus take on a much wider range.

Corona virus. Along with China, the Coronaa virus has spread throughout the world. Even in India, people are terrified of the transmission of this deadly virus. In India, Corona did not set up. As a result, the economic downturn in the world market has been created. With which the price of gold continues to fall

Many gold artists, including gold traders, have suffered losses. Many goldsmiths quit working for other days to earn a living. In front of the wedding season. And in the Indian family, marriage cannot be imagined without gold.

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