Gold is the most expensive in Akshay III, find out the new price


BanglaHunt Desk: After falling in gold prices, the price of gold is going up by one leap in Akshay III today. Prices have risen a lot compared to the last few days.

The corona virus has taken the shape of a global epidemic. The terror of the Corona virus has spread all over the world along with China. Even in India, people are terrified of being infected with this deadly virus. Don't put your hand in India either. Due to this, the world market has created an economic recession. With which the rise and fall of gold price is going on.

Yesterday in Kolkata, the price of 22 carat gold was Rs 42620 per 10 grams and Rs 4262 per 1 gram. Today that price has gone up to Rs 42,930 for 10 grams and Rs 4,293 for 1 gram.

The price of 10 grams of 24 carat gold yesterday was 45920 rupees and the price of 1 gram was 4592 rupees. And today the price has increased to Tk 48130 for 10 grams and Tk 4813 for 1 gram.

Along with the price of gold, the price of silver has gone up today. Yesterday the price of 1 gram was 42.54 rupees. Today this price has risen to 42.80 rupees.

The NDA's gold price for April rose to a record high of Rs 40,000 per 10 grams on March 20th in search of gains in the international market.

Many goldsmiths, including gold traders, have suffered losses. Many goldsmiths leave their gold work and move to other working days to make a living. At the same time, due to the rising price of gold, the middle class is also in the forefront. Wedding season is ahead. And in an Indian family, marriage is unimaginable without gold.