Gold reserves worth more than Tk 44,000 crore were found, the country's economy will change

In Turkey, 99 tons of gold have been identified, more than the GDP of many countries. After getting such a large amount of gold, speculation about its price has now started all over the world. It is thought to be worth Rs 600 million or Rs 44,000 crore Which will bring big changes in the economic situation of Turkey.

According to the Turkish news agency Anadolu, Gubartas, a fertilizer company, discovered the stockpile in collaboration with Farhatin Poeraz, head of the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives Association. The company said the gold reserves were worth ৬ 600 million.

Shares of Gubartas in Turkey's stock exchange Borsa Istanbul rose 10 percent on news of such a large gold stock. Payraj told news agency Anadolu that the first lift would take two years, which would boost Turkey's economy.

So much gold has been found in Sogu in central-western Turkey, said Fahrtin Payraj, head of the country's agricultural credit cooperatives department, to the country's media.

Turkey has already broken its record by producing 36 tons of gold in 2020. On the other hand, Energy Minister Biswas Donmez had set a target of producing 100 tonnes of gold annually by September. The value of the new gold reserves is estimated to be higher than the total GDP of many countries.

According to WorldMeter, the GDP of the Maldives is ৮৭ 48 ​​million and that of Burundi is ১ 311 million. Liberia's GDP is ৯ 329 million, Bhutan's ২৫ 253 million and Lesotho's ৮ 256 million. The economies of Barbados, Guyana, Montenegro and Mauritania are also worth less than ৬ 600 million.