Golgappas are available here only on showing Aadhaar card, video going viral


यहां आधार कार्ड दिखाने पर ही मिलते हैं गोलगप्पे, वीडियो हो रहा वायरल

Golgappas are available here only on showing Aadhaar card

golgappas, which is also known by many other names in the country, including names like Panipuri, Phuchka, Pani Ke Batashe, Gupchup. In today’s time, it is the most popular of the country. fast food Is, which people break down to eat. Especially for women, there is a line. Actually, they like golgappas more and if they are spicy, then there is no limit to their happiness. Usually, you go to a golgappa seller, you get golgappas immediately, but have you ever heard of a shop where Aadhar card Do you get golgappas only on showing? Yes, one such thing on social media these days video viral Happening, which has surprised people.

This video is made by a food blogger. In the video you can see that the food blogger tells that 6 golgappas are available here for Rs. Not only this, the strangest thing here is that golgappas are fed only on showing the Aadhaar card. At the same time, people who eat golgappas are also seen praising this shop a lot. They are saying that if you eat Golgappas here, you get satisfaction, while the person selling Golgappas tells that these Golgappas will work in sugar as well as in attack.

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This video is becoming very viral on social media. It has been shared on Instagram with an ID named food_unlock_official, which has received thousands of views so far, while hundreds of people have also liked the video and made various funny comments, while some users have also flared up. .

One user has written, ‘Eat the one who wants to die’, while another user has written, ‘The man will be clean, not the stomach’. Similarly, a user has written in a funny way that ‘only patients of sugar and attack should go here’.

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