Good day in December, Aditya will get married in the temple! The singer detonated the bomb again

Banglahant Desk: It was heard that Udit Narayan's son Aditya Narayan is going to get married this year. There is no end to the speculation on social media in the last few days. Finally, Aditya himself revealed some exciting facts about his marriage.

That day is the first of December. At the beginning of the month, Aditya Narayan is going to recognize his long-time lover as his wife. The singer himself said this. However, many new rules have been created for the Corona situation at present. He will sit on the wedding pedestal in compliance with all that.

Aditya said that apart from the members of the two families, only a few close friends will be invited to the wedding. This is not the end of the surprise. Aditya is going to get married in the temple, he said. So the number of invitees will be fixed in the same way.

Aditya wants to make the reception party quite splendid. However, he said that he will think about it only if the situation is right. Friendship with actress Shweta Agarwal started from the set of the movie 'Shapit' in 2010 and then love.

A few days ago, in an interview with a news agency, Khullamkhulla discussed about his marriage and bank balance. In the interview, Aditya said that all his savings have been exhausted in this lockdown. There is only 18,000 rupees left in the bank account. Aditya said he never thought he would not earn any income for a year. But this lockdown has changed his thinking. If the situation worsens, he will have to sell his personal belongings.

Aditya said, “If the government increases the lockdown, many people will die without food. All my savings are gone. I had to take out everything I kept in the mutual fund. Because no one thinks I'll be comfortable without a job for a year. No one can think like this except a millionaire. I still have 18,000 rupees in my account. ”