Good news: Chiranjit from Durgapur, who is healthy with India's first corona vaccine, returns home


BanglaHunt Desk: Vaccines have become an essential part of coronation. The work of preparing this vaccine is in full swing in different countries as well as in India. India is preparing the vaccine with the permission of the biotech company ICMR. Even the trial of that tick in the human body has begun.

Corona vaccine from India

The whole world is trying to get rid of this epidemic. The whole world is looking forward to discovering the right vaccine as soon as possible. Although Russia has succeeded in inventing the vaccine, it has proved that India is not far behind. At the same time, it was clear that he was moving in the right direction.

Vaccine trials in humans

The screening of volunteers for the trial of Kovacin by the Indian biotech company in Bhubaneswar started on July 22. Chiranjit Dhiwar, a resident of Durgapur, came forward with courage in this situation when the people of the whole country are in the city for fear of Corona, always afraid of death. This vaccine has voluntarily registered its name for human trial.

Chiranjit reached Bhubaneswar to get vaccinated

Chiranjit was also selected for the trial held at The IMS & SUM Hospital in Bhubaneswar. When he reached Bhubaneswar on July 24, he was tested for 50 types of tests, including diabetes, hypertension, heart, kidney and liver.

Completely healthy Chiranjit

He appeared during the test on July 29. The first dose is applied to the body of Chiranjit Fisher, then the second dose is given on 12th August. He was allowed to return home on the 26th day of the blood test for the antibody test between 7 days and 14 days after the dose of the vaccine with a blood sample on 27th August, as there was no problem with his physical condition. Again on the 104th and 194th day he will have to go to Bhubaneswar for some exams. Chiranjit Dhiwar, a resident of Durgapur, is now completely healthy and has returned to his home.

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