Good news! Corona was released in Quarantine in Delhi by around 20,000 people


Bangla Hunt Desk: After the tenth day of the lockdown, tranquility is coming. People in quarantine in Delhi (now Delhi) have come out of the danger of Corona. All of them were in Quarantine for 3 days.

According to the Health Department of Delhi, 25 thousand 5 quarantines have been filled. None of them now have the symptoms of the corona virus. They have been screened many times from the first day of the quarantine to the last day. Of those, 25 thousand 3 recently returned abroad. And there were 1,900 people who came in contact with coronary patients.

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Dr. Newton Mundeja, director general of the health department, said they were very excited when they found out that their quarantine phase had been completed. They are very much appreciated by the Delhi Health Department team. Excluding the context of the Tabligh Jamaat, Delhi has had great success so far.

Although there are still 25 thousand 5 quarantines. Four of them are at Quarantine Center in Delhi Government, and 4 have gone to Quarantine after contact with infected patients. Most of them will fill the quarantine phase next week.

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