Good news for alcoholics, Central Government banned from selling alcohol in lockdown


BanglaHunt Desk: Lockdown also brings news with good news for alcoholics. The liquor store will be closed until May 3rd, the center cleared. Lockdown will not open a liquor store. The line was dropped there to allow liquor shops to be opened in Assam. The order to maintain social distance was increased. So the central government has decided that the liquor store will not be opened in lockdown. The people of this part of the country think that the government's economy will be further weakened by this decision.

Recently, the state BJP had directed the liquor store to be opened in the lockdown in Assam. As soon as the shop opens with permission, a long line of liquor stores falls. People disobeyed the directions of social distance. The picture was cleared on Wednesday by the central government's directive that liquor stores would be closed for the next seven days during lockdown.

At the behest of the government, some of the people again rebelled. They claim that a large part of the government's revenue collection comes from the liquor business. Now if the government closes this business in this weak economic situation, then the government will become more vulnerable economically. They think the government could have opened the liquor store on a regular basis without shutting it down completely. Again, they said the smuggling would increase as shops closed. Due to the closure of shops, alcoholic people will now secretly buy alcohol in a smuggling manner.

On the other hand, North Block officials say lockdown conditions have been issued in the country to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus. And this time, if many people do not conform to it, then the combination of alcohol into the drug line will increase the likelihood of infection. And that is what happened to the economic loss, too. So now it is logical for the government to consider the safety of its citizens.

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