Good news for football fans! La Liga is about to start fast.


After the Bundesliga, this time La Liga. Corona is preparing to start another big football league in Europe next time. It is known that La-Liga is going to start from June 12 after receiving the green signal from the health department. And that's why Messi and Suarez are fully prepared to take the field.

Eight footballers who have played in the Spanish domestic league have already tested positive. Three support staff were also attacked in Corona. But the La Liga authorities are still not giving up. They said only eight people had been infected after testing two and a half thousand footballers and support staff, which they were really surprised because they thought the number could go from twenty to thirty. However, Spanish football clubs are happy that the number is limited to 8.

However, Messi will not be tested again this week. After that, the Ministry of Health will give permission to play La Liga. Even 24 hours before the La Liga game, Messi will have a health check-up. Barcelona has already started practicing in accordance with the rules and regulations. From today, Real Madrid has also started practicing in accordance with the rules and regulations.