Good news for wine lovers! Liquor store opening in Lockdown 3.0! However, there are some conditions


Bengali Hunt Desk: Lockdown is going on across the country, and the third phase of lockdown has been announced by the Union Home Ministry. The Union Home Ministry has again extended the lockdown deadline. The third phase of the lockdown is starting from 4th May and will continue till 16th May. This time the lockdown was not issued by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This time the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued detailed guidelines.

Special discounts have also been given for the third stage lockdown. The Union Home Ministry has issued new guidelines on red zones and green zones. Exemption has been given by the Ministry of Home Affairs in both the green zone and the red zone. But the biggest news is that the Union Home Ministry has given permission to open liquor shops in this third phase of lockdown.

Liquor stores will remain open, but some conditions will continue. Liquor stores will remain open in the Green Zone as per the guidelines of the Union Home Ministry. However, there will be some strict conditions even after opening a liquor store. The store cannot accommodate more than five people at a time. And the shop must maintain social distance.

Find out what will be open in the third point lockdown, and what will be closed?

The discounts will be available in the third phase of the lockdown.

  • There will be no movement of any kind in the red zone.
  • Buses can run in the green zone with half a passenger.
  • There will be online delivery of necessary items in the red zone.
  • MNREGA's work is permitted.
  • Wine and liquor stores may be open in the Green Zone.
  • Those shops will be two yards apart, no more than five people can be in the shop at a time.
  • Permission to drive for emergency work inside the Orange Zone district.
  • Two people without a driver are allowed to sit in a taxi in the Orange Zone.
  • Conditional permission to open industry in urban areas.
  • Manufacturing of emergency items is permitted.
  • Permission to build renewable energy such as solar power, wind power.
  • You can open your own office in the red zone with 33 percent employees.
  • Permission for construction work in the red zone of rural areas.
  • Permission to open all shops in rural areas.
  • Permission for agricultural work.
  • Health services will continue.
  • Permission to open bank, NBSC, insurance company.
  • Permission for post office work.
  • Permission to open own office in Red Zone.

What will be closed in the third phase?

  • Schools and colleges will be closed in all zones.
  • Unnecessary work is stopped in each zone from 7 pm to 7 am.
  • Air, road, train and metro tours are closed.
  • Bicycles, rickshaws, auto rickshaws off.
  • Taxis and cabs will not work.
  • Salon, beauty parlor closed.
  • Hotel restaurant closed.
  • Cinema halls, shopping malls, gyms, sports clubs closed.
  • All religious, social, cultural activities are closed.
  • People over the age of 65 and children under the age of 10 are advised to stay at home.
  • Seeing the increased cases in the zone, the state government can take strict action.