Good news: India is getting less coronary outbreak? That's what the Central Health Ministry's statistics say


Bangla Hunt Desk: In the last 24 hours in India, the global pandemic Coronavirus infection has decreased. According to the latest data provided by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, there have been six new cases in one country across India. Now the number of coronary patients in India has increased to 12 thousand 5. Five of them died. In addition, 4 of them returned home completely healthy. Let me tell you, these figures have been issued by the Central Health Ministry.

On the other hand, news is coming from Madhya Pradesh that eight persons including six patients with corona virus have fled the quarantine center at a hotel in Indore. Three of them were found and admitted to hospital.

Nine new coroner cases have been reported in Andhra Pradesh in the last 24 hours. Nodal Officer of the state, Orja Shrikant, said that the cases were from 7am to 5pm yesterday. This year, the total positive cases in Andhra Pradesh have increased by five. Five of them died and 25 were recovering from hospital and returning home.

On the other hand, good news is also coming from Goa State of Goa in Maharashtra. Three people were attacked in Corona in Goa. Five of them returned home after being healed. Now only one corona virus case is active in Goa. There is also good news from Tripura in the eastern states. There, two people were infected with this deadly virus. One of them was healed. Another is still under treatment.

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