Good news: This is the first time in India in the last eight days, the number of Corona victims has dropped


Bangla Hunt Desk: The whole of India is fighting against the Coronavirus virus. And good news has come out in this war. For the first time on Monday, April 8, the country has seen a decline in the number of positive people in Corona. The Central Health Ministry has said that for the first time in the last eight days, the number of people with coronary disease has decreased by 24 hours.

According to data from the Central Health Ministry, a total of seven reports came out positive on Monday. On March 25, the number of Corona infected people increased by 5. On March 25, the number of new patients declined. From then until April 5, the number of infected people increased daily.

On March 25, a total of seven positive cases of Coroner were reported in the country. Then on March 25, that number dropped to 6, which was 5 percent less than March 25. After that, on March 3, the number had increased to five. On March 8, 5 new cases emerged, and on April 1, the number was 127. 2 April 3 cases, three April 3, four April 4, five April 5 new cases emerged. On April 6, the number of new cases was 5, which was 20 percent less than April 5.

The ministry said the lockdown across the country would prevent the number of infections. The ministry cited a report from the Indian Council of Medical Research stating that infections can spread from one person to another. According to the Health Ministry, if an infected person goes out in lockdown and comes in contact with people, he will be able to infect 5 people in 7 days. And that's why everyone must observe lockdown.

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