Google map shows the wrong way, 18-year-old dead in the cold


Sometimes a small mistake, for life and death turns into a question. A similar incident has occurred in Siberia, Russia, where a 16-year-old boy has lost his way due to a small mistake on Google Maps.

The night the boy went astray, the temperature reached -50 degrees Celsius and he died due to freezing in this bone-chilling cold. He was stuck on this road for many days.

According to a news report in The Sun, Sergei Ustinov and Valdislav Istamin were on their way to the Siberian port of Magadan. They use Google Maps to find their way. They go astray because of the wrong information provided by Google. They accidentally reach a road that is considered to be quite dangerous at night. Because here the temperature suddenly starts to go down.

Google Maps puts them on a road that was not only closed but also very complicated. The two set sail from Yakutsk, the world's coldest city, to the port of Magdan.

This road was completely covered with snow. The car's radiator also stopped working after the cold snap. These two boys do not know how to cope with the severe cold and so one of them died due to frost while the other's hands and feet were badly frostbite.

According to reports, Sergei's entire body was found cold as a stone, Valdislav is still alive but his physical condition is reported to be very bad. Sergey died of hyperthermia.