Government concerned over high death toll of Muslims in Corona, Maharashtra to launch awareness program in Urdu


Bengali Hunt Desk: The coronavirus has caused panic in the whole country. The number of patients and deaths is increasing every day. Meanwhile, surprising figures from Maharashtra have come to the fore. According to statistics, Muslims are the most affected in Corona. As of May 3, 548 people had died in the state, of which 44 percent were Muslims. But only 12 per cent of the total population of Maharashtra is Muslim.

The English-language news outlet The Indian Express reported that the first death case in Corona was reported in the state of Marr 17. By April 15, the death toll in the state had risen to 18. Of those 17, the number of Muslims was 69. From April 15 to May 3, 381 people died in Maharashtra in Corona. Of which 150 were Muslims.

The Maharashtra government is in big trouble as the number of Muslims dying is high. And that is why the government is now taking many steps to spread awareness among Muslims. The government has decided that massage will be given in Urdu to spread awareness about corona in hotspot areas. At the same time, the help of religious leaders will be sought to convince the people.

According to government officials and experts, Muslims in Maharashtra are more likely to die because they do not observe the lockdown properly. People returning from the golf country were also banned late. At the same time, Jumma prayers were offered in many mosques in the state till March 20. Also due to the large population, social distance was not maintained in most areas.

Corona was found among many in the Tabligh Jamaat at the end of March. All of them took part in Nizamuddin Morakje. In Maharashtra, 79 members of Jamaat were affected by Corona. But the biggest thing is that only one Jamaat member in the state has died. Again on March 22.