Grand entry of bride and groom amidst torrential rain, millions of people watched this unique wedding video


मूसलाधार बारिश के बीच दूल्हा-दुल्हन की हुई ग्रैंड एंट्री, करोड़ों लोगों ने देखा शादी का ये अनोखा वीडियो

wedding funny video Image Credit source: Instagram/anchor_jk

Whether it is wedding season or not, but social media keeps us hooked to wedding videos. One reason for this is that people not only watch these videos but also share them fiercely with each other, this is the reason why these wedding videos go viral very quickly as compared to any other video. One such video is in discussion among people these days. After seeing which everyone is surprised and saying that who does this good in his marriage.

As we all know that there is nothing good about rain these days, these clouds appear in the sky anytime and go away after raining. Because of which many marriages get postponed or the bride and groom have to wait… but there are many people who enjoy their marriage fiercely no matter what the situation is. They do something like this not because of any obstacle but in between the obstacles. Exactly what the world thinks. Now watch this video only, despite the rain, the bride and groom are enjoying together on the stage.

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watch video here

Looking at the video going viral, it seems that all the preparations for the wedding were over, but suddenly it starts raining. If there was a common minded person, the program would have been postponed after some time, but creative people find opportunities even in calamities. Something similar happened with the couple and in the midst of the rain, they made their entry grand. While all the people present were standing with umbrellas, the bride and groom were taking entry on the stage with swag.

This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named anchor_jk. Which has been liked by more than five lakh people till the time of writing the news, while crores of people have watched this video and are giving their feedback by commenting. One user wrote, ‘This is really an opportunity in disaster..’ While another user wrote, ‘It seems that the family members must have agreed with great difficulty, that’s why they completed the entry even in the midst of rain… so that the mood of the family members does not change.

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