Grandmother-granddaughter dating? Netizens are buzzing about Ditipriya-Biswabasu's picture

BanglaHunt Desk: Zee Bangla's popular serial 'Karunamayi' RaPeople who don't know Ditipriya Roy, who played the lead role of Karunamoyee rani rasmoni, are few. Due to this serial, the popularity of actor Biswabasu Biswas is increasing. However, the audience knows him as Ranima's grandson 'Bhopal'. He has already won the hearts of the people by showing his extraordinary acting talent.

Due to her performance in the same serial, 'Didima' has become quite friendly with Ditipriya. If you peek at his Insta handle, you can see several pictures of the two together. Even in the midst of the shooting, Ditipriya left the world as soon as she got time.

Biswabasu recently shared a mirror selfie on his social media handle. Ditipriya is also with him. Samples of the two's naughtiness are also seen in the comments. Ditipriya jokingly called Biswabasu 'Bishwa Bangla'. On the other hand, Ditipriya is 'Vicky' to the world.

Like storm in the picture of the two. However, seeing the two together often raises questions in the minds of netizens. Is it just a good friend or a secret relationship is developing between the two? Many have asked that question. Bishwabasu and Ditipriya are dating? But one replied that they are like two brothers and sisters. But Ditipriya Biswabasur is still locked in this matter.

Incidentally, compassionate RaBishwabasu played the role of 'Bhopal' in the serial Nimani. She is the son of son-in-law Mathuramohan. Although he played a serious role in the serial, in reality he is quite a smiling person. He is also starring in another newly launched Zee Bangla serial 'Mithai'. His character's name is Sandeep.