Great financial crisis, Bidhan Chandra Roy provided money to build Pather Panchali to Manik


Banglahant Desk: Satyajit Roy, just the name is enough. This one name shook the whole world of cinema in India and the world. Satyajit's place in Indian cinema is still intact. Everyone will unanimously agree that the title of the best director of all time cannot belong to anyone other than him. His talent was not limited to management only. He was simultaneously a screenwriter, writer and music director.

1921 Satyajit was born on this day in Calcutta. He was born in the famous Roy family. Grandpa, Dad are both legends. And Satyajit has taken that trend forward with pride. It is known that Baba Sukumar Roy did not remember the first name given. Then he named it 'Satyajit'. Today, that great director turned 99 years old.

But Satyajit's combination with the film is quite surprising. At first he worked in a foreign ad company. 1950 A visit to London this year changed his life. The director was sent to London for six months on behalf of the ad company. The company thought he would return from abroad to advertise tea and biscuits. Satyajit returned, but became a completely different person.

Within three days of his arrival in London, Satyajit had seen the famous film 'Bicycle Thieves'. He had earlier thought of making 'Pather Panchali' in his job vacancy in the company. After watching ‘Bicycle Thieves’, the director decided to shoot the film in such a location whenever he wanted to make it. While in London, he saw over 100 pictures. On his way back to the country, he wrote the first manuscript of Panchali, one of his best creations.

The trumpet of the mango tree provided more fuel for the idea of ​​making pictures. Satyajit decided to read the original novel while drawing the trumpet cover. From that thought Panchali of the path of birth. But when it comes to making pictures, there is a financial crisis. Wife Vijay's jewelry, own savings are all over. In the end, the then Chief Minister Bidhan Chandra Roy became an angel. Creation is a timeless film.

Pather Panchali has won a total of 11 international awards, including the Oscar. Pather Panchali, Aparajit and Apur Sansar are the three films known as 'Apur Trilogy'.

Besides managing, Sandesh Patrika was started anew at the request of poet Subhash Mukherjee. One by one Feluda, Topse, Lalmohanbabu, Maganlal Meghraj, Professor Shanku, Tarinikhuro came.

Then one by one he made pictures like Charulata, Sonar Kella, Jalsaghar, Nayak, Shataranj Ke Khiladi. Shataranj Ke Khiladi is Satyajit's only and unforgettable creation in the world of Hindi cinema. Nasiruddin Shah and Nana Patekar were his favorite actors in Hindi films.