Great to inspire the audience with the city, they also retaliated, watch the great cricketing moment in the video


Bangla Hunt Desk: India would have to win the second Test to survive the series after losing the first Test to England. And Team India is in a great position at the end of the second day of the second Test with the goal of winning. Batting first, Team India made a huge total of 329 runs. Besides, Indian bowlers are also showing dominance with the ball. England’s first innings ended with just 134 runs off India’s 329 runs.

A time when the Indian team is in a good position. At that time, captain Virat Kohli took a special approach to invigorate the spectators present on the field. With the City, he invigorated the minds of all the spectators on the field. At the same time, India captain Virat Kohli kept raising his hand to keep the audience excited. The audience was not disappointed and they also gave a worthy company to Virat Kohli.

In the IPL, Chennai’s Chipke is seen playing CSK at the cricket stadium as well as Virat Kohli in the role of ‘Whistleblower’ in the match between India and England. The spectators on the field were also excited to get such an energetic performance from the team captain. They also started cracking their throats in tandem with Virat Kohli. All in all, a beautiful cricketing atmosphere was created at the Chipke Stadium in Chennai today.