GST Council Meeting will be ‘Half Century’, this can be the ‘game plan’ for the next meeting


GST Revenue Collection: केन्द्र सरकार की मोटी कमाई, मई में जीएसटी रेवेन्यू कलेक्शन डेढ़ लाख करोड़ के पार

GST Council will have its 50th meeting this time.Image Credit source: File Photo

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) system was introduced in the country in July 2017 by subsuming indirect taxes. A GST Council was formed to make changes in this tax system from time to time or to take decisions related to it, whose 50th meeting is going to be held this time. This is to happen in June this month. In this ‘Half Century’ meeting, the GST Council can decide on many other issues including tax on online gaming. Let us know what will be the agenda of the meeting this time?

In this meeting to be chaired by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, like always, this time also the Finance Ministers of all the states or their representatives will participate. It holds the highest authority of the Council to take any decision related to GST or to make a new policy.

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GST Appellate Tribunal will be formed

In the 50th meeting of the GST Council, a decision can be taken on setting up GST Appellate Tribunal (GSTAT) across the country. There has been a long standing demand from the GST taxpayers regarding its establishment. If a decision is taken in the meeting regarding the establishment of Gstat, then it will ease the difficulties of taxpayers. Also, GST will help in speedy disposal of legal cases related to SED and reduce the burden of courts.

A group of 6 ministers was formed to resolve this issue. This has been under consideration for almost a year. In the last meeting, the report of the GoM was accepted with some modifications. In such a situation, it is possible that in this meeting the working methods of Gstat, the number of places to be made, the qualification of its members, etc. will be discussed.

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GST will be final on online gaming

This time the most important issue of the GST Council meeting may be to decide on taxing online gaming. A GoM was made to levy GST on casino, online gaming apps and horse racing. This GOM has also given its report. In such a situation, the tax on this can be increased to 28 percent, which is now 18 percent.

Earlier this issue was also discussed in the GST Council meeting in February 2023, but even then a consensus could not be reached. The GoM had also recommended levying 28 per cent GST on online gaming apps like gambling or betting. Apart from this, there can also be discussion on amendment in GST law to implement new changes related to e-invoicing in GST Council.

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