Gunadhar boy got married because he was going to bring rations! Mother did not allow him to enter the house as the lockdown was broken


Bengali Hunt Desk: During a lockdown in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, the boy came out of the house in the name of bringing rations. But when he returned home, he was no longer alone! Satang at home with his wife at once. Seeing this, the mother with tears in her eyes. The mother said that she would not allow her son to enter the house after this activity. Then the incident reached the police station.

Note that the young man married his girlfriend and brought her home, and the boy's mother told him not to enter their house. The case then reached Ghaziabad police station. The bride's wedding sari is straight to the police station. Mao's son reached there. And she made it clear that she would not let the boy who had violated the lockdown enter the house. The mother is very angry to get her son married in the name of bringing rations.

Police said there was no evidence that they were married or not. The young man says we got married in the temple. But could not give any proof of this marriage. The young man even said that he had married the girl in Haridwar a month ago, but there is no evidence of that.

This incident has become a headache for every policeman in the police station. Despite much persuasion, when the young man's mother does not allow the newlyweds to enter the house, the newlyweds are currently staying in a hotel with the help of the police. The young man's mother made it clear that they should not face the house before the lockdown was over.