Hair pasted on body, photoshoot done without clothes, amazing picture of Urfi Javed goes viral


बालों को बदन पर चिपकाया, बिना कपड़ों के फोटोशूट कराया, उर्फी जावेद की अज़ब-गज़ब तस्वीर वायरल

Urfi Javed Image Credit source: Twitter

Now the one name which is most discussed on social media is Urfi Javed, No one can guess what Urfi will do when. The actress always remains in news due to her unique talent. Due to his new exploits, he gets a lot of limelight on social media. Today everyone recognizes Bigg Boss OTT fame Urfi through her unique fashion sense.

The situation is that now people are not able to ignore them even if they want to. Meanwhile, Urfi Javed has created a ruckus on the internet by sharing her new video. This time Urfi’s act will make you clench your teeth. Urfi has now done what no one can think of in her latest video. The actress has presented her talent by sticking hair on her body.

Urfi Javed has created an art by applying hair on her body. After seeing which everyone is stunned. Urfi has never flaunted such a unique style before. Everyone is surprised to see his confidence. However, where some users are dizzy seeing Urfi’s fashion. At the same time, social media users are reprimanding him fiercely. Someone is advising him to get brain treatment done. So someone is making fun of him.

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Let me tell you, Urfi Javed has become very famous now. Kareena Kapoor also mentioned her fashion in her show. Urfi is seen in the shows of big designers. Also, she is now also seen in celebrity designer’s outfits. For the last several years, Urfi Javed is presenting her fashion in front of everyone. His style is unique. On the other hand, Urfi often keeps giving new statements about her fashion.

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