Hamas fired 12 rockets, and the Israeli army responded with bombs

Bangla Hunt Desk: Tensions between Israel and Hamas have been rising in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the Palestinian terrorist organization fired 12 rockets at Israel from Gaza Strip. According to media reports, nine rockets hit Israel in the early hours of the night, pushing Israel to the brink of disaster. In retaliation, Israel launched air strikes on three Hamas strongholds and destroyed them. The Israeli military said Friday that the airstrikes were a retaliation against Hamas.

This is the biggest attack on the cannabis border in the last few months. There were no immediate reports of injuries in the attack. Police said homes and cars were damaged in the Israeli attack. The bombing team was then sent to the area. Recently, organizations affiliated with Hamas have used explosive-filled balloons to burn crops to put pressure on Israel. Hummer is repeatedly trying to lift the embargo imposed on Gaza by carrying out terror attacks.

Tensions between the two sides have risen sharply since the recent rocket attack. Israel has cut off Gaza's only trade route, cut off electricity production, and Gaza residents now receive only four hours of electricity a day. Israel has also stopped fishing off the coast of Gaza. It is rumored that Israel has taken this decision because of the explosive filled balloons. The Israeli military says it has destroyed Hamas strongholds.

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