Hamas fires rockets at Jerusalem, Israel strikes, kills 20

BanglaHunt Desk: Tensions between Israel and Palestine escalated on Monday. The Palestinian militant group Hamas fired six rockets at Israel from Gaza. Only one Israeli soldier was wounded in the attack. The rest of the rockets were destroyed by Israel’s defense system. In a 10-minute counterattack, Israel destroyed several areas in the Gaza Strip. Hamas says 20 members of its population have been killed and more than 160 injured in Israeli airstrikes.

This case has been going on for two or three days. On the last Friday before Eid, some Palestinians went to pray at the Aqsa Mosque. There they hurled stones at Israeli troops with anti-Israel slogans. The Israeli army then retaliated by attacking them. More than 300 Palestinians were wounded and five to six Israeli soldiers were wounded in the clashes. Hamas then fired rockets at Israel in retaliation.

After the Hamas attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Our army has given a worthy response to the Hamas attack.” About an hour later, the Israeli Air Force launched an air strike on the Hamas base in Gazapatti. The strike is reported to have killed 20 people.