Hand sanitizer will be made with extra rice: Janal Modi government, extreme debate started


Banglahunt Desk: Modi goverment window will be made of hand sanitizer with extra rice. The debate started with that. Lockdown is underway across the country for the deadly virus Corona. Due to this, almost everything is closed. People can't get out of the house without much need. And in this lockdown, many people are dying of hunger Hannah for a little snack In the meantime, the Center informed that there is excess rice produced in the country But it will be used to make ethanol

At a time when many people's jobs have been closed, lockdowns have not been in the stomach, some debate has started with the center's decision. Many people have been starving since the announcement of lockdown in the country Such news has been received Especially people who eat day in and day out have fallen into extreme uncertainty The controversy over whether the central government planned to make ethanol with extra rice without considering the people who did not stand there.

The center reported that according to the National Policy on Biofuels it was announced that excess rice produced in the country would be used for ethanol production. Accordingly, the Ministry of Food is advancing in this work Hand sanitizer 6 will be made with this ethanol made from rice To fight with Corona which is desperately needed That would make ethanol compromised with human appetite? At present, the active state politics is the question

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