Hanuma Bihari gave a proper reply to Union Minister Babul Supriya, a master of cricket

Bangla Hunt Desk: In the third Test between India and Australia, Hanuma Bihari saved India's guaranteed rate in Sydney. Despite suffering a serious back injury, he saved India's guaranteed rate by batting for three consecutive hours in front of Australia's fast bowlers. Since then, experts in the cricket world have been praising Hanuma Bihari, starting with the five-faced former cricketer. Everyone praised Hanuma Bihari's great innings.

However, a number of cricket connoisseurs did not like this innings of Hanuma Bihari. One of them is Babul Supriya, the BJP MP from Asansol. He called Hanuma Bihari's slow innings a direct killer of cricket and said India should have won the match.

After the Sydney Test, Union Minister Babul Supriya tweeted, “Only 7 runs off 109 balls is a heinous innings, to say the least. Playing this innings, Hanuma Bihari has completely ended India's hopes of winning. This innings of Hanuma Bihari has practically killed cricket. PS: I know I don't understand anything about cricket. ”

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this tweet of Babul Supriya. Many have slammed Babul Supriya for making such comments. But in the end, Hanuma Bihari, who is at the center, opened her mouth about this. However, he did not tweet aggressively. He just spelled his name under Babul Supriya's Twitter. Babul Supriya tweeted ‘Bihari’ in place of ‘Vihari’ in the English spelling of the name Hanuma Bihari which Babul Supriya misquoted by tweeting below and through this Hanuma Bihari gave a suitable reply to Babul Supriya. Indian cricketer Rabichandran Ashwin, Hanuma Bihari's partner in the match-saving innings, has ridiculed this issue.