Hanuman donated his land for the temple to a Muslim man, a storm of praise is rising all around


Bangla Hunt Desk: The construction of the Hanuman Temple in Bengaluru, Karnataka, was done by a Muslim businessman, which is being praised all over India. The Muslim businessman is being highly praised on social media. Many posters of that Muslim businessman named HMG Basha have also been put up in the temple.

HMG Basha, a 65-year-old resident of Kadugodi in Bangalore, runs a cargo business. HMG Basha donated his land to the temple due to the problems of Bajrangbali devotees in the temple. He has done this great work to make the temple bigger. He had about three acres of land next to the Hanuman temple near Balgerepura Highway. The temple trust has been planning to make the temple bigger for a long time. But due to lack of money they could not implement their plan.

The temple trust asked HMG Bashar for about 1,000 square feet of land, but he generously donated 1,600 square feet for the temple. The land was next to the highway, so the price of the whole land was supposed to be around Tk 80 crore. HMG Basha generously donated the land to the temple. And his work is being praised all around. Even posters with his name and picture have been put up in front of the temple.

Regarding the donation of land to the temple, HMG Basha said, “I have seen women facing many problems while visiting the temple.” When the villagers thought of enlarging the temple six months ago, I thought of donating a small portion of my land. That is why I have donated land for this temple so that everyone can worship in a beautiful and proper way.