Happiness of alcoholics: Celebration with fireworks as soon as liquor store opens, video remains


BanglaHunt Desk: The third phase of lockdown has started in India since Monday. But the Center has decided to give concessions in more than one case. It also has a liquor store. And as soon as the liquor store was opened, it was seen that more than one person had gathered without caring about the social distance. This picture has been seen all over the country. In Karnataka, buyers have been seen celebrating with a lot of fireworks.

Liquor stores have been opened in the Red, Orange and Green zones outside the containment zone since Monday, as directed by the Union Home Ministry. However, there is no shopping complex, only single shops have been opened. And as soon as it was opened, a strange scene was seen all over the country.

The line had fallen outside the liquor store since morning. As soon as the shop opened at 12 noon, the crowd grew. The police have to work hard to handle the situation. In many places in Delhi, ordinary people are involved in clashes with the police. The administration was forced to close liquor shops in more than one place.

The picture is a little different in Karnataka. Seen here in different districts, the line fell before the shop opened. Even outside the shop, the celebration is going on with a lot of fireworks. In front of a shop in Kolar, Karnataka, many people appeared with packets of bets in their hands. According to them, they are not able to keep the joy of opening a liquor store after so long. So you are celebrating by breaking the bet.

According to the guidelines of the Union Home Ministry, liquor shops will be open from 12 noon to 6 pm. Buyers must maintain a distance of at least 2 meters to maintain a social distance outside the store. Also no more than five people can stand in line at once. The administration has also asked the shops to keep an eye on whether the guidelines are being followed.

After being closed for over a month, the buyers did not accept any condition to open the liquor store. No one obeyed social distance. Long lines fell outside all the shops. And in the midst of this, the celebration broke out in Karnataka.