Happy Eve In Ireland, the first Hindu temple was established after a long 20 years

Bangla Hunt Desk: Finally there is another Mahendrakshan. Indians living in Ireland got their own place of worship. The result was a battle that lasted for more than 20 years. A smile of contentment appeared on the faces of about 25,000 Hindus living in Ireland.

There were no specific places of worship for Indian Hindus in Ireland. They could not attend any religious festival together. Even on the day of the festival, there was no specific place to pray together. The only place of hope for everything was the rented community hall. Now the solution to that problem is heel.

The Hindu community wanted a temple in Ireland

The Hindus of Ireland have long demanded an established Hindu temple in Dublin to preserve Indian heritage and culture. Indian Hindus living in Ireland were in dire need of a specific selected temple for the joyous sacrifice of joining the festival together. This time their long defense came to an end.

A Hindu temple was established

The first Hindu temple was established in Ireland after a long battle. A happy wind blew among the Hindus. Since the temple was established in one of the largest cities in the country, the practice has started in various quarters. Not only the temple committee, but also the thousands of trees planted all over Ireland, the temple committee is ready to provide food, clothing and shelter for the homeless.

The biggest contributors behind the establishment of this Hindu temple in Ireland are Sudhansh Verma, the director of Vedic Hindu culture and some other people. Rohit Srivastava, who lives in Ireland, said, “After seeing this temple for a long time, I felt at home.”

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